Committed to Brazil

Committed to Brazil

Brazil is one of the largest countries in the world and the biggest market in South America for off-highway diesel engines. Perkins is committed to serving the Brazil market. We manufacture a range of diesel engines in our award-winning Curitiba plant for sale domestically and to Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) elsewhere in North and South America.

Brazil is the dominant market for off-highway diesel engines in South America, accounting for about 70 percent of engines sold on the continent, and Perkins is committed to erving it.  Our award-winning Curitiba plant, which opened in 2003, is evidence of this.

We manufacture 1100 Series engines in Curitiba for leading names in the agriculture, construction, materials handling and electric power (EP) sectors in Brazil, and for export across South America and to other U.S. EPA Tier 3 equivalent and below territories.

We also export engines to North America for re-export in machines destined for Tier 3 equivalent and below territories, and for use in emergency stationary generator sets in the U.S.

Our Curitiba facility in South America
Our Curitiba facility in South America

Our product line-up includes both mechanical and electronic 4 and 6 cylinder engines which enables us to work with our customers to find the right solutions for their applications and help them integrate the most appropriate engine for their needs.

The new generation electronic 1104 and 1106 engines offer OEMs the potential for more power from a smaller displacement.

Big in agriculture

Agriculture is a significant market for Perkins Brazil, dominated by agricultural tractors. Among our customers in this market are OEMsS such as Stara and AGCO, which owns several important brands such as Massey Ferguson.

The construction industry is also important for Perkins, with our engines powering wheel loaders, graders, hydraulic excavators, track-type tractors, soil compactors, backhoe loaders and other machines. In the extremely competitive EP market, Perkins also competes against the world’s biggest engine manufacturers in Brazil.

Direct from the factory

For Brazilian customers, because we manufacture our engines locally, you get your new Perkins engine direct from the factory in the fastest possible time. In addition, with the Brazil MAR-1 Nonroad emissions standards – the first in South America – now coming into effect, you can rely on Perkins engineers to understand the standards and advise you on how it applies to your new machines.

Most Curitiba-built engines also enable our Brazilian customers to qualify for loans under the FINAME programme of the Brazilian Economical and Social Development Bank (BNDES). This programme provides subsidised financing to companies for the acquisition of new machinery and equipment manufactured in Brazil with at least 60 percent local content.

We continue to work to extend the local content criteria to all our engines made in Brazil.