Jack Hamer

Jack Hamer

Start date

March 2011


Stafford Grammar School

Stafford College

Training undertaken

GCSE, Advanced Technical Apprenticeship, Caterpillar Online Training, Microsoft Project Training, Product Appreciation.

Career prospects

To continue expanding my knowledge of the Perkins 4000 series engine.  Design and develop engine components for ease of assembly, increased durability and lifetime, increased quality, better fuel economy and power output etc.  Continue to grow within Perkins and Caterpillar to a well-respected design and development engineer.

My time spent at Perkins so far

Since starting I have gained extensive knowledge of the Perkins 4000 series engines.  I have experience in both assembling the engines as well as forensically stripping engines to diagnose failures.  I have helped build the first engine to be assembled with new Indian parts to support activity with our new factory.  This engine has recently completed 750 hours of vigorous testing, and has now been adapted to run at a higher speed for the last 250 hours.

What made me apply at Perkins?

I have always learned best when I am hands-on with a task.  Therefore an apprenticeship was perfect for me as it allowed me to gain my qualifications, whilst applying my skills learned in college when at work.  I can relate college work to projects within the company to give myself a greater understanding of the modules being covered.  There is a vast range of work areas in Perkins enabling me to spend time in each section and gaining as much experience as possible.  This also allows you to get an understanding of where you would like to be placed after completion of the apprenticeship.