Glenn McDonough

Glenn McDonough

Start date

September 2013


Hexham High School

Walsall College

Training undertaken

GCSE, A level, Caterpillar Online Training, Fire Marshal Training

Career prospects

To continue gaining knowledge of what it takes to design and build engines, as design and development of engines is a subject that really interests me.

There is the potential to work anywhere in the world after my apprenticeship as Caterpillar, Perkins’ parent company, has facilities in places including America and Germany.

My time spent at Perkins so far

Since starting I have gained knowledge of how the Perkins 4000 series is built, so far I’ve spent time in machining, assembly and quality, which has given me a great insight into what is involved in building an engine however, I know there is a lot still to learn.


What made me apply at Perkins?

From a young age I was surrounded by agricultural and forestry machinery and was always fascinated with finding out how they worked and if I could improve them. I applied to Perkins as the apprenticeship offered allows me to work in different placements around the factory, in hands on roles, giving me an idea of which area of engineering I’d like to work in when I complete my apprenticeship, although I do find design and development very interesting I feel it would be beneficial to keep an open mind at this stage. I made a big commitment in applying and moving from home (Newcastle Upon Tyne) to Stafford for this apprenticeship so I will make the most of all the opportunities that it offers me.