Philippa Vines


Philippa Vines

Start Date

September 2003


Walton Comprehensive School


I attended Peterborough Regional College during my first year at Perkins, learning about machining, fitting and welding as well as electrical and mechanical maintenance. I continued to learn maintenance fault finding skills  in the second year at college on  one-day release and completed my NVQ level 2 & 3 over 3 years.

Work Experience as an Apprentice

I worked in many different areas of the factory during my Apprenticeship. I spent  time in the Assembly, Engine Test & Finish areas as well as Machining and the Toolroom. This gave me the experience required for my first position as a Maintenance Technician on Track 4.

Work Experience Since Completing my Apprenticeship

I worked in the Maintenance Team for eight years. I have had a number of excellent skilled colleagues who taught me a great deal about fault finding and maintaining the company’s assets. Although daunting at first, I soon learnt how to maintain facilities in different parts of the factory, ranging from conveyors to huge CNC machines.

Career Prospects

I am now a CPS (Caterpillar Production System) Facilitator and work in the office. My role being to ensure that the Crankline runs as efficiently as possible. I deal with internal customers and use the skills I have learnt to enable analysis of facts & data and track performance ensuring that the area adheres to processes. I hope to continue in this area and become an expert in CPS. 

Good Things About Perkins

There are excellent benefits, including pension & shares schemes as well as the potential for a yearly bonus if the company performs well. Also (as I have recently found out) there are other benefits such as the maternity scheme and support from the Occupation Health Centre if necessary. I have the opportunity for further advancement and the opportunity to move into different roles with career advancement.   


What Made Me Apply To Perkins ?

I completed my work experience from school at Perkins and enjoyed it so much there was only one place I wanted to work at and the Apprenticeship scheme seemed the ideal opportunity.