Emma Windsor

Start Date

September 2011


Robert Manning Technology College


1st Year – 3 days at college studying hand fitting and turning, Basic Electronics, Employment Rights and Responsibilities and Functional Skills.

2nd Year – PLC’s, Pneumatics and Hydraulic Systems, Engineering Drawing.

The NVQ Folder that I have completed involves under pinning knowledge and job write ups which are completed on the job at Perkins.

Work Experience as an Apprentice

1st Year – 2 days at work rotating around the various Maintenance Sections in the factory and getting involved in fixing machine faults or assembly track break downs as well as rotating around GED (Global Engine Development) building/stripping engines, testing engines, testing components and working on machines in proving test. I was also lucky to work in the Electronics team for the summer in my first year, this involved building simulated loads for engines and machines and wiring harnesses up as well as building and testing electronic circuits.

2nd Year – I completed the GED NVQ so I spent more time rotating through GED to gain experience and learnt  to test and build engines by myself so I could be signed off as competent for my NVQ Portfolio.

Work Experience Since Completing my Apprenticeship

I have been working in the Electronics Systems Lab full time since completing my Apprenticeship. I have been building Engine Harnesses for various tests at Silverstone. I have also been supporting the build for a new test bench which involves a lot of wiring and electronics.

Career Prospects

I have the opportunity to progress and gain a HNC qualification next year as well as taking  over the job role as Lead Technician in the Electronics Systems Lab in a couple of years. There are many opportunities within Perkins if you are willing to put some work in to get them.

Good Things About Perkins

I like Perkins because there is always someone here that can help out with a problem no matter what it is.

Perkins is also a great company to start a long and successful career with because of the prospects as well as the benefits such as the pension scheme, the share scheme and the bonus scheme.


What Made Me Apply To Perkins ?

I applied for Perkins because it is known globally and I know a few people who work or have worked here and have said it is a good company to work for. Also the Apprenticeship course looked interesting as well as the fact there are future prospects such as being sponsored to do a HNC or any other further qualifications. Within Perkins there are so many different jobs in which you could go onto after completing this Apprenticeship – the opportunities are endless!