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How Inspired Design Started With Our Customers

Perkins® Syncro features customer requests brought to life

At Perkins, our customers are at the heart of everything we do. When designing our line of Perkins® Syncro engines, we started by asking: what do our customers need? Our customers want to downsize to hit key emission targets without sacrificing power. They want to save money through better fuel economy and smarter technology choices. Customers need compact engines that increase productivity and minimize downtime. Inspired by customer input, our engineers got to work and developed the Perkins Syncro 2.8L and 3.6L engines from scratch. Our compact engine line was created to exceed customer requirements.


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We answered: you got it. Through their design, Perkins Syncro engines improve servicing requirements for customers, and all offer 500-hour service intervals. Many engine systems have been designed to make service easier or eliminate the need all together. Smarter service intervals mean time and money saved.

Take the 3.6 liter engine for example:

Aftertreatment – Fit-for-life, no-service aftertreatment

Service Access – Smart side access for service points, such as dip sticks, oil filler caps and filters keep maintenance simple

Single Serpentine Belt Design – Single, serpentine belt offers longer service intervals and delivers the power you need

Operator Warnings – Visual plus electronic warnings tell the operator if the fuel filter detects the presence of water in fuel

Valve Setting – Hydraulic valve lash adjusters eliminate the service need for valve setting, preventing the work of removing the top cover, fuel system and components mounted above the engine

Crank Case Breather  – Closed circuit breather incorporated in the top cover means minimal service needed

Robust Electronics – Sealed connectors and quality supported wiring reduce hard-to-find electronic faults and risk of abrasion from water and dirt


We answered: sure thing. With Perkins Syncro, we offer OEMs a complete range of off-highway engines as a singular engine partner. The more choices, the more potential cost savings as customers find the solution that best fits their machines. By downsizing, you can save on installation costs, fuel consumption and more readily meet emissions standards. Few engine manufacturers can compete with the variety of compact sizes we provide. The Perkins Syncro 2.8L and 3.6L can fit in more than 80 machine models to date. Not only do OEMs have several compact engines sizes to choose from, they can also select from an array of power ranges, transmission interfaces, rotating electrics and many other machine interfaces. An established mass customization manufacturing system enables production of these options while maintaining high build quality. When the engine is built to meet your every machine specification, you are guaranteed powerful, tailor-made performance.

Intentional design, including our 30% smaller
Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) package,
means Perkins Syncro offers
the smallest engine systems on the market.

perkins syncro perkins syncro


We answered: absolutely. No one’s daily work is impacted nearly as much by Perkins engines as equipment operators. That’s why we dedicated Perkins Syncro development to consider the end user experience as much as OEM and rental customers’ needs. Our team has worked tirelessly, incorporating half a billion hours of field testing in customer applications to ensure the operator stays focused on the job at hand. Smart solutions like this result in more uptime, more profitability and more satisfied customers.

Perkins Syncro engines can also produce more torque than competitor engines at lower speeds. Operators can get machines to do the same amount of work at lower speeds over the course of a job and save on overall fluid consumption.

Another Perkins Syncro feature that was created as much for operators as machine manufacturers is its world-class sound design. Significantly quieter than our competitors, these engines improve job site safety and reduce driver fatigue. This translates to cost savings, improves productivity, etc.

perkins syncro perkins syncro


We answered: yes, and in many different ways. Cost-saving features were built into the Perkins Syncro engines without compromising the quality Perkins has delivered for more than 85 years. In addition to the serviceability, space-saving design, sound design and more, Perkins created more opportunities for customers to see financial return on their engine investment.

Flexible aftertreatment solutions: being the smallest aftertreatment in the range, the compact size reduces engineering work required by the OEM and helps them simplify supply chain logistics. This feature helps OEMs minimize the amount of machine design change when they integrate the Perkins Syncro. We also offer a remote mounted solution which gives customers incredible flexibility for machine installation.

Common platforms: means customers can downsize yet benefit from similar engineering work and parts. Created as a modular global platform, the Perkins Syncro 2.8L and 3.6L share the same main interfaces and their service access points are in the same location. With so much similarity between the designs, OEMs can cut costs in every area of their business, from engineering and purchasing to manufacturing and product support.

perkins syncro perkins syncro

Clean, efficient combustion: Perkins Syncro 2.8L and 3.6L engines feature 4 valves per cylinder and a vertical injector. A higher port area lets the engine breathe better, resulting in improved fuel efficiency and cleaner combustion. Cleaner combustion helps reduce the size of aftertreatment components and lowers the additional fuel burned. These features result in a powerful engine and cost savings for both fuel consumption and emission fluids.


We answered: yes, here’s how. The Perkins team is dedicated to helping machine manufacturers, rental houses and end users get the full value out of the engine.

For rental companies, Perkins provides ongoing support in the form of the Perkins Rental Support Program (PRSP) which offers tooling, training, part support and access to the Perkins distributor network. Rental companies can join the Rental Loyalty Program and earn points on purchases that can translate to future savings.

OEMs can experience a close partnership with Perkins employees acting as an extension of the OEM when needed. Our team can provide application sign offs to approve engine design, an important value-add component of the partnership. The Perkins team works hard to reduce the research and technological development burden for OEMs, offering ongoing engineering support. Perkins also conducts rigorous in-machine, real-world application testing—to show customers how the engine will perform in their machine and to give OEMs the chance to see the power of the engine for themselves.

Want to learn how Perkins Syncro can be customized to meet your specific needs? Contact a Perkins representative today to get more information about this powerful compact line.

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