Improving methods of agriculture
Improving methods of agriculture

Perkins® Hypercare
A new approach to maintenance management

It’s been said that nobody buys a drill bit because they want a drill bit, they buy it because they want the hole it produces. That’s also true of the diesel engine an Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) buys to power a machine that’s eventually supplied to an end user. What the OEM and end user actually are buying is reliable, economical power to accomplish whatever task the machine is intended to perform. 

To carry the analogy one step further, just as the drill bit needs to be sharpened periodically to keep producing holes, the engine needs to be serviced and maintained to keep fulfilling its purpose. How efficiently that service and maintenance are accomplished significantly impacts the end user’s perception of quality and the likelihood of future purchases from the OEM. 

For many Perkins customers, both OEMs and end users, the best service and maintenance solution traditionally has been a Customer Service Agreement (CSA) provided by a Perkins distributor. As CSA terms can vary by distributor, an OEM or end user whose products are used in many markets may find this difficult to manage.

Perkins® Hypercare is designed to overcome that challenge while providing significantly greater value than a traditional CSA. It does this with a standardised long-term agreement between an end user and an authorised Perkins distributor that provides outcome-based services that address a customer’s evolving needs and preferences over the whole life of an engine.

In other words, where a CSA simply provides a set of basic actions to be performed on an arbitrary schedule, Perkins Hypercare monitors engine status in real-time to identify opportunities to add value through service changes and additions while still providing necessary routine service and maintenance functions. This new approach to long term service and maintenance has many advantages over a traditional CSA, including:

  • Comprehensively solving the long-term repair and maintenance issues associated with owning the engine over its entire life cycle.
  • Providing flexible payment terms that allow customers to plan cash flow on a monthly or yearly basis.
  • Giving the customer greater peace of mind knowing that Perkins distributors will always use correct, genuine parts and that agreed upon labour costs will be applied.
  • Eliminating the need for an OEM or end user to source, purchase and bear the cost of inventorying repair parts.
  • Freeing OEMs and their customers to concentrate on their core business.

Perkins Hypercare plans are available in industry-specific core service frameworks for Electric Power, Industrial and Agricultural/Construction/Material handling and offer greater peace of mind from equipment health management; and, the security of expert dealer support.

Customers within each framework are divided into those who can manage service and basic repair requirements with a minimum of distributor support; those who can perform basic service and maintenance; and, those who need complete end to end service to support their operations. Plans are specifically tailored to meet the needs of each type of customer.

Regardless of the industry framework or customer category, every Perkins Hypercare plan currently includes both fluid sampling and engine inspection as standard features. These technologies provide key information that can aid in predicting and preventing unusual and/or excessive component wear and incipient component failures.


Hypercare 1
Hypercare 1
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Hypercare 2
The bottom line

Perkins Hypercare provides a consistent, structured approach to maintenance and service that enhances the long-term value of every Perkins engine. It offers greater peace of mind and enhanced satisfaction for the end user which can, and often does, lead to repeat business for the OEM -- a win/win for both.

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