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Hybrid and
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How Perkins can help OEMs develop future power solutions

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Alternative power technologies are not new to Perkins; research and development in this field has been a sustained focus for more than 10 years. This work has resulted in a set of tools that analyse alternative power solutions for a target machine and provide comparisons of benefits, cost and risks.

OEM’s research and development teams are already under intense pressure from machine development priorities and a limitation on available resources, tools and facilities.  It can be hard to see how to manage the additional burden of research into future power solutions, especially given the complexity of this subject and the new skills and facilities it requires.

Perkins will offer hybrid and electric technologies across its EU Stage V power range from 6-470 kW (88 to 630hp). The first technology solutions to be released are hybrid-electric, hybrid-mechanical and hybrid-hydraulic, all of which complement our existing range of 0.5-18 litre diesel engines.

Perkins is focused on helping OEMs through this challenge and has brought together a group of experienced engineers to form the Perkins Extended Offering Product Team. This new team will have a set of engineering and simulation tools to enable OEMs to evaluate multiple technology sets and configurations, thus allowing the OEM to get a better outcome, faster and at lower development cost. This approach is an evolution of our customer integration programme.

The new Perkins team offers more than just engineering tools and consultancy. We will collaborate with OEMs on prototype machine design, build and validation at our well-equipped facilities. 

The challenges of volume manufacturing and product support are also being considered, and Perkins will offer a flexible approach that gives the OEM the support they need to be successful in the commercial implementation of these new technologies.

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