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Non-Productive Costs - Small Business, Big Impact

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You can ignore maintenance, but you can’t ignore the consequences of ignoring maintenance

Non-Productive Costs - Small Business, Big Impact

Owner-run small businesses are the backbone of the economy and nobody feels the impact of non-productive costs more quickly or directly than the hands-on entrepreneur. When it comes to maintenance it’s often either do it yourself or delegate to someone else and hope for the best. The choice can be tough when every minute counts toward success or failure.

Here are three common non-productive areas where using the right technology can pay big dividends.

1. Finding and ordering parts from multiple sources eats up a tremendous amount of time.

2. Paperwork and bill paying need to be simplified as much as possible.

3. Budget-busting delivery charges have to be minimized. 

Fortunately, there is an answer, the free Perkins® My Engine App and the Perkins shop let you simplify and consolidate all of your parts ordering tasks to free up time to manage the rest of your business.

Download the free Perkins® My Engine App from the Apple or Google app stores to manage your engine service schedule, buy parts and access your service manuals.

Ordering parts online at gives you one-click access to thousands of genuine Perkins parts stocked for immediate overnight shipment. It’s easy to search by engine model or serial number to quickly find the exact parts you need and be sure they will fit. and the free Perkins My Engine App are the right technology solutions to minimise the impact of non-productive costs on your business. Let Perkins technology do the work and you can spend more time building your small business into a big one. 

Visit to see how easy ordering parts can be.


Whether you own one Perkins engine or have a small fleet of Perkins powered machines, the free Perkins® My Engine App gives you all your engine information, wherever you are.

My Engine App My Engine App

Whether you are a machine owner, operate a rental business or a repair and engineering workshop, the Perkins shop gives you quick and easy access to the most frequently ordered Perkins parts.

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Your regional Perkins distributor can provide local, on-the-ground engine support to help you meet your business goals, providing your with genuine Perkins parts and expert service.

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Part 1 - Manage your investment?

Most equipment owners view maintenance as a cost, but in the long run it’s much more productive to see it as a profit center. Your equipment is only making money when it’s working and it will work longer when it’s properly maintained.

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Part 2 - Avoid the downtime iceberg

To measure the profit potential of an effective maintenance program you have to know the real costs involved and that includes a lot more than parts and labor. Those are just the visible part of the iceberg, there’s a lot more below the surface. 

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