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Aftermarket Service
Aftermarket Service

Effective service and maintenance of your Perkins engine involves a lot more than regular oil and filter changes.

It takes extensive knowledge, experience and for today’s sophisticated engines, specialised tools and training. There is only one place where all of those things are likely to be found together, and that is at your local Perkins distributor.

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Changing Perkins filters
Changing Perkins filters

No one else has comprehensive access to the hundreds of thousands of pages of Perkins troubleshooting guides, manuals and technical documentation, the hundreds of specialised tools and many, many hours of training behind every Perkins distributor technician. They are:

  • Qualified to work on all Perkins engines: large/small; electronic/mechanical; newer emissions controlled and older legacy engines.
  • Supported by a local inventory of genuine Perkins parts and access to a global supply network that can meet nearly any need within hours or days. 
  • Dedicated to supporting Perkins engines no matter where they’re located or how they’re used.
  • Only a phone call away.

If you haven’t already, it’s a really good idea to get to know your local Perkins distributor. They have exactly what you need to keep your Perkins engine running at top efficiency for a long, long time.

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To place an order, or speak to your local distributor for expert advice, see contact details below.

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