Peace of mind with
Perkins® Hypercare

Peace of mind with Perkins® Hypercare
Peace of mind with Perkins® Hypercare

Personalised and flexible support for all your engines

We don’t just sell reliable engines, we also want to make owning a Perkins engine as easy as possible.


That’s why we’ve developed Perkins® Hypercare. Designed around your business needs, it brings together all the different elements which, together, support you and your engine to deliver high performance at the lowest cost of ownership. 


Delivered by the Perkins distribution network, Perkins Hypercare brings lots of service elements into one convenient package, with genuine parts, oil, coolant, fluid testing, engine inspections, preventative maintenance and Perkins® Platinum Protection extended warranty, now in a single support agreement. It’s delivered by expert technicians to offer you greater piece of mind.


Perkins Hypercare matches your needs with the capabilities of the Perkins distribution network to deliver a unique set of services that are specified by you and agreed with the distributor.

Whether you plan to complete your own services, want your engine fully maintained by us or would prefer something in between, Perkins Hypercare provides you with options.

Perkins Hypercare goes beyond a service agreement offering flexibility in payment and duration with the aim of optimising and extending the whole productive life of the engine. Reducing down time, through diagnostic services and preventive maintenance interventions, increasing uptime and productivity with pre-emptive servicing, Perkins Hypercare offers a single agreement delivering support over the whole of the engine’s life. 

Perkins® Hypercare - Stress-Free Engine Maintenance video

Perkins® Platinum Protection

Up to ten years warranty for complete peace of mind. Included within your Perkins Hypercare agreement. 

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Genuine Parts

Perkins distributors only use genuine Perkins parts when servicing and maintaining your engine. They’re precision engineered to fit your engine and rigorously tested for quality to keep your engine running long into the future. 

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