Our range of overhaul kits

Our range of overhaul kits
Our range of overhaul kits

Save time and money with a Perkins overhaul kit

When you’re starting an overhaul, it’s vital that you have every part you need. Missing parts will delay the overhaul and could cause major damage if it tempts you to re-use parts like gaskets which are designed for single use.


Our overhaul kits contain everything you need to complete your overhaul and contain genuine Perkins parts, precision matched specific to your engine’s build. And all this comes at a significant saving versus individual parts.

All of our genuine parts are factory tested to exceptionally high standards and come with a 12 month warranty from date of purchase.

Why purchase a kit?

Many engine parts are designed for single use and must be replaced during an overhaul. That’s why we provide all the gaskets, O-rings and seals you need in a single kit, so you can be sure you have everything available when performing this important job.

With a single order, our overhaul kits provide a convenient way to restore your engine to optimum performance for its long and healthy life.


The benefits of a kit:
  • Everything you need in one box
  • 100% genuine parts
  • Quick and easy to order using a single part number
  • Save time and money
  • Comprehensive range of kits available
  • High quality gaskets made using the latest technology
  • 12 month warranty

 A full range of kits is available for our most popular engines

Heritage engines

Perkins engines are built to last, so we have a range of kits available to overhaul older engines such as the 3.152, 4.236 and 1000 Series engines.  
These engines benefit from replaceable liners, enabling the engine to be overhauled without removing the engine.

400 and 1100 Series engines

Kits available for parent-bore engines. The kits include standard or oversized pistons as required for your engine.  
400 Series includes separate kits for 3 and 4-cylinder engines.  
1100 Series kits cover 3, 4 and 6-cylinder engines.

2000 Series engines

Core engine overhaul kits for your Perkins 2000 Series engine, covering 2200 to 2800 engines.  
Contains pistons, rings, liners, top and bottom gaskets and seals, enabling your engine to be overhauled on-site.

4000 Series engines

Available as single cylinder overhaul kits, so they are ideal for single or multiple cylinder overhauls. 

Each modular kit allows you to buy exactly the parts you need. Covers both diesel and gas Perkins engines.

Overhaul to revitalise your engine

Perhaps you replaced the head a few years ago and your engine doesn’t need a complete overhaul. In which case, you can purchase individual parts to complete just the work required.

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Overhaul components

Genuine experience

Supporting your engines is a truly global undertaking. Our main warehouse site locations in the UK, USA, Brazil and Singapore, were deliberately chosen to give as wide a reach across the world as possible.

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Power exchange

Perkins Power Exchange gives our customers another engine repair and overhaul option.

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Power exchange