Less disruption with short blocks

Perkins engines are designed to last for many years but if your engine does fail, it is quick and simple to obtain a replacement short block that will minimise your downtime and get your equipment back up and running swiftly.

Our engines are designed to give you years of reliable service but occasionally they can go wrong. If you do suffer an engine seizure, it is reassuring to know that replacement short engines are available to be shipped to you at a moment’s notice and, depending on where you are in the world, often within just 24 hours. That will help to minimise the length of time your equipment is out of use.

The short block you receive will come complete with the following vital parts:

  • Crankcase
  • Crankshaft
  • Con rods
  • Pistons/rings
  • Bearings
  • Rear end oil seals/housing

Short blocks can be shipped quickly

Short block

Once installed, the new engine will be covered by the standard warranty ensuring that you are covered for all costs associated with any subsequent breakdown or seizure of the short block – and this also caters for any additional costs through related damage to parts of the engine.