A long engine kit extends engine life

In the unlikely event that your engine suffers a complete failure, you need a solution fast. While this is rare in most day-to-day operations, it is good to have the knowledge and reassurance that if the worst does occur, there is a solution that you can obtain - often the very next day - to address it.

Your Perkins engine has been built to run for many years, powering your applications wherever they are located. Under normal circumstances it will do so even in the most challenging of settings – a quarter of all the engines that Perkins has ever produced are still in operation, after all.

Occasionally, however, an engine can fail and if you do experience a complete engine failure, the long engine kit is there to provide you with a solution.

Single part number

A single part number is all you need to obtain the parts you require to overhaul your engine quickly and simply. 

All kits contain genuine Perkins parts manufactured to the original specification and our despatch operations run round the clock to ensure that your engine is back up and running, with minimum down time.

The components included within the long engine kit are:

  • Assembled short engine
  • Cylinder head
  • Gaskets kits – top and bottom
  • Loose gaskets – head and timing according to the specific build list of your engine
  • Head bolts

Thanks to the use of a single part number, the parts in your replacement kit are guaranteed to match those on your original engine.

Comprehensive warranty

In common with all Perkins parts, new replacement long engines carry a comprehensive 12 month warranty from date of purchase.




Long engine kits provide a quick and easy solution

Long engine kits provide a quick and easy solution