Filters help you clean up

Filters help you clean up

The Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF) is an important part of the Tier 4 interim & final engine as it traps soot, ash and other particulates in your Perkins engine and it should receive regular attention as part of your routine maintenance programme.

Unlike other filters, particulate filters deal with waste gases leaving the engine and the build-up of ash and soot can have serious consequences reducing the efficiency and effectiveness of your engine. These filters can be cleaned or replaced. All genuine Perkins filters are covered by a 12 month warranty.

The DPF or Particulate filters play a key part in keeping your engine clean and legal. As more countries around the world adopt tougher standards, such as US EPA Tier 4 or EU Stage 4 to deal with exhaust emissions, the importance of particulate filters will only grow.

All Perkins engines are designed to burn as cleanly and efficiently as possible, with the minimum of ash or soot emitted. However, it’s inevitable that there will be a degree of particulates, the build-up of ash and soot can reduce filter volume and oxidation efficiency, causing increased backpressure, generating heat and increasing fuel consumption. Cleaning the filter allows the engine to operate more efficiently, delivering longer engine life.

Particulate filters keep your engine legal

Filter maintenance

Particulate filters are either cleaned or replaced – but much less frequently than other, more conventional filters. Just how often your particulate filter needs to be cleaned will depend on the model of engine you have, although many are fit for life and only may require attention during overhaul. Your local distributor will have a range of solutions for your DPF, from simple remanufactured exchange, to local clean and re-apply or a replacement, depending on the engine and the lifetime stage. This information can either be found on this website or by contacting your local Perkins distributor.

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Fast facts

The DPF or particulate filter:

  • Prevents soot from leaving the engine to meet the emissions legislation
  • Range of solutions for cleaning / replacement available from your local distributor
  • Requires regular attention in accordance with your maintenance programme

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Find your distributor

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