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When it comes to parts, there is a seemingly limitless number of suppliers all offering parts they claim are ideal for your Perkins engine and with prices to tempt you. This is particularly the case when it comes to maintenance and service items, which need to be replaced regularly.

Parts comparison bulletins look below the surface and compare just what you are getting for your money.

The key to the parts comparison bulletins lies in their objectivity. We source and test other competitor products and benchmark them against our own Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) standard parts.

The purpose is two-fold:

  • The bulletins frequently point out to our customers that the savings they think they are making are, in the long run, actually a false economy. This is because although these parts may look the same and appear to be offering a more favourable deal, the lack of similar quality means they are highly likely to fail more often or need replacing sooner.
  • Occasionally, if this process shows that a competitor’s product is of an OEM standard, it will drive us to look again at the processes that Perkins employs, although we keep this area under constant evaluation. This is with a view to looking again at our manufacturing and ordering processes with the eventual aim of being able to offer lower prices on replacement parts to our customers.

What the bulletins cannot do is put a value on the peace of mind you get with choosing genuine Perkins parts with Perkins warranty, covering you if any of the parts you buy from an authorised distributor fail for any reason within the first 12 months.

Our distributor network has access to these parts comparison bulletins which we are happy to share with you and if they don’t have one for a part you are interested in, you can suggest areas that you’d like us to investigate further.


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