Filters protect against contaminants

Filters protect against contaminants

All Perkins engines use filters for oil, air, fuel and particulates. The filtering process is vital to keep the substances entering the engine as clean as possible, thereby maximising the efficiency of the engine and preventing it from breaking down as a result of dirt and other unwanted material entering it.

Filters are vital to maintaining the efficiency of your engine and changing them or cleaning them in accordance with the recommended schedules should form part of your regular maintenance regime. If you fail to do this, there is an increased risk that dirt and other materials will enter your engine and prevent it from working efficiently.

Most filters are single use, disposable items that cost very little to purchase and are easy to replace. However, only filters manufactured to the specifications of the Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) can be guaranteed to perform the task expected of them and opting for non-genuine parts is often a false economy.

There are four types of filters.

Perkins filters come in all shapes and sizes

Air filters

An engine draws in air for the combustion process from the atmosphere and in many environments where Perkins engines operate, that air can carry a higher-than-average number of pollutants. These will range from dust to pollen, soot to grit and many points in between. The air filter is usually a pleated, paper item that prevents these from entering the combustion chamber.

Oil filters

Unlike air filters, oil filters operate within a closed loop system. The debris they remove will mainly have entered the engine when the oil is poured into it, other debris includes ash from the breakdown of the lubrication oil and particles caused by the wear of parts. The aim of the filter is to ensure liquid oil continues to circulate around the engine but the particles do not.

Fuel filters

In an ideal setting, all fuel that you put into an engine would be clean and free of contamination, but our engines operate in a diverse range of settings and the fuel can be stored or transported in less than clean conditions. Because of this, the risk of contaminants entering the fuel increases. Even a small amount of an unwanted substance can have a detrimental effect on your engine and a small solid material could damage the piston and associated components. This makes having a properly maintained fuel filter in place a necessity.

Particulate filters

The main difference between all these filters and the particulate filter is its place in the engine operation. Particulate filters are needed to trap particulates in the exhaust gases before they leave the engine. These are generally more durable and their replacement intervals are longer than other filters associated with your engine.

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Fast facts

Filter advice:

  • Changing or cleaning filters should be part of your maintenance regime
  • Opting for non-genuine parts is a false economy
  • The filtering process is vital to keeping your engine running efficiently

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