Perkins diesel fuel
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Perkins Diesel Fuel System
Perkins Diesel Fuel System

Quality cleaning and conditioning

Perkins Diesel Fuel System Cleaner is a proven high performance detergent product specifically designed for cleaning deposits that form in the fuel system.

Deposits in the fuel system reduce system performance and can increase fuel consumption. They are formed due to the use of degraded diesel fuel, poor quality diesel fuel, and diesel fuel containing high quantities of high molecular weight compounds.

Perkins Diesel Fuel System Cleaner also addresses deposits formed due to the use of biodiesel, biodiesel blends and biodiesel that does not meet the appropriate quality specifications. Continued use of the cleaner is proven to inhibit the growth of new deposits.

Using fuel cleaner can

  • Clean performance-robbing fuel system deposits
  • Restore fuel economy losses resulting from injector deposits
  • Restore power losses resulting from injector deposits
  • Eliminate visible black exhaust smoke resulting from injector deposits
  • Prevent the formation of new fuel-related deposits
Perkins Diesel Fuel System Cleaner

Perkins Diesel Fuel System Cleaner can be added directly to diesel fuel, biodiesel, or biodiesel blends. It is a United States Environmental Protection Agency registered fuel additive that can be used with ultra low sulphur diesel fuel. In addition this cleaner is appropriate for use with other ultra low, low, and higher sulphur diesel fuels around the world.

Tip and pour

Perkins Diesel Fuel System Cleaner, is the only fuel system cleaner available to the end user that is tested and approved by Perkins for use in Perkins diesel engines. For more information refer to the Fluids recommendation OMM.

Engines fluids recommendation OMM

For information, including specs and maintenance, on all fluids used within your Perkins diesel engine, download our OMM.



Perkins Diesel Fuel System Cleaner 

Diesel Fuel System Cleaner will help if your engines is experiencing problems, read more about the specification and benefits. 

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