Maximum performance and compliance for your engine

Maximum performance and compliance for your engine

Your aftertreatment unit is a vital part of your machine. It ensures your engine meets emissions standards and maintains optimum performance.

Regulators today are now enforcing in field emissions measurement systems on machines. So, it is crucially important that you ensure the engine remains within specified emissions limits.

At Perkins, we have been developing aftertreatment systems since 2007 and have demonstrated that our solutions are durable for years, offering seamless machine operation.

We offer a complete range of cost-efficient Perkins solutions that ensure your diesel particulate filter (DPF) stays in perfect working order, including new, new-for-old and remanufactured options.

All of these guarantee your DPF will operate to the same factory-fit standards as new regarding power, efficiency, and emissions. 

Option  What’s included Benefits Discount
New Brand new DPF unit to replace your existing DPF which is damaged beyond repair The fastest way to replace your DPF   
New-for-old Return your serviceable DPF and purchase a new one for less A brand new DPF at asignificantly lower price  80% of the price of a new DPF

Purchase a DPF which has been fully cleaned through our Power Exchange programme.

Your DPF is returned to Perkins so it can brought back to original factory standards and be compliant with all local emissions limits

Remanufactured DPFs are built to the same specification as new and are guaranteed for a full 12 months

This gives you the same quality at a fraction of the price and is an ideal option to support your business sustainability goals

By reusing existing materials, this also gives you the most environmentally-friendly solution possible

50% of the price of a new DPF

The difference is genuine

Perkins low-cost DPF solutions ensure your engine continues to meet local standards, even when it is outside its warranty period.

This is the only way you can be sure of:

  • Optimal engine performance
  • Extended working life
  • Maximum fuel efficiency
  • Full emissions compliance
  • High machine resale value

Perkins® Power Exchange

Perkins® Power Exchange

Perkins Power Exchange gives our customers another engine repair and overhaul option

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